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CityMobile Pte. Ltd.
Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard.
Founded in 2017 in Singapore, CityMobile Pte. Ltd. (CityMobile) is devoted to providing information security management solutions for companies worldwide. Mobile phones are a high risk for companies to lose their business, while CityMobile is your solution provider. From mobile phone end users to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and companies in manufacturing and services, CityMobile is at the doorstep of all industries to protect them from identified security risks.
Our company has upgraded its technology, complying with the latest international sustainable development Responsible Recycling R2: 2013 as well as the Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. CityMobile provides enterprises and industries with tailor-made security solutions covering all sectors to prevent known information security risks and meet the terms and conditions specified in the protocols and statements reached with global customers.
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Special features of the organization
  • Cooperating with the companies in the software/manufacturing/service industries (e.g. banks, insurance companies, hospitals, public transport, and other companies apt to have security risks).
  • Regular maintenance/repair and refurbishment of mobile phones used by employees (including erasing data left by employees in mobile phones for organizations).
  • Making the safe disposal of used phones and accessories meet R2:2013 and the service life of materials containing FM in the supply chains of downstream suppliers comes to an end.
  • Ensuring the legitimacy of the services and operations and satisfying both upstream and downstream suppliers in all respects.
  • Undertaking the outsourced agreements for the repair and refurbishments of electronic devices from USA, Canada, Middle East, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.
  • Receiving damaged mobile phones and completely preventing the disclosure of mobile phone information.
  • Repairing and refurbishing the phones of all brands in a safe dedicated area.
  • Unlocking the solutions of locked phones and ensuring that legal costs are paid to any authorities of corresponding country.
  • Enabling added values to used mobiles with extended service life to match the latest mobiles in the market.
As our business strategies, the followings are the procurement sources of mobile phones we expect.
After corporate mobile phones are distributed to employees, companies look for annual maintenance activities (including data wiping and software upgrade), assets appraisal, and the safe disposal of scrapped phones.
Seeking charities/foundations for the safe solutions and disposal of mobile phones.
Allying with companies in public and private sectors in manufacturing and marketing networks.
E-waste recyclers seek the safe disposal of mobile phones.
E-waste recyclers seek outsourcing services related to mobile phones repair and refurbishment and safe disposals until the service life of phones or relevant accessories comes to the end.
We repair and refurbish mobile phones as per the routine demands of end users/consumers.
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