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By Kate | 14 February 2023 | 0 Comments

Find out how to recycle your old handset for quick cash using this impressive self-serving kiosk.

Got an old smartphone languishing in a drawer at home?
You’re not the only one.
In fact, there are an estimated 125 million unused phones in the UK - almost four idle handsets per household.
That’s a heck of a lot of waste. And, considering electronic waste holds harmful substances like lead, lithium, barium and mercury, the prospect of 125 million phones in landfill is seriously bad news for the environment.
Fortunately, ATM - America’s biggest direct-to-consumer smartphone trade-in company - thinks it’s found the solution.
It’s called the Gazelle, and in a nutshell, it’ll swap your unwanted phones for cash.
Now, although it looks a bit ‘pub-corner fruit machine’, it’s actually a really impressive bit of kit.
Currently, there are 18 of these self-serving kiosks in the UK. You’ll find the majority   in London and seven across the rest of the UK - though ATM aim to roll out 1,000 machines in the next few years, right across the country.

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